Back in the USA

This is us walking up to the orphanage gate. Two of the 3 directors came and met us just outside the gate. We were allowed to take pictures here but were not allowed inside.

This is the orphanage director presenting Mia with a gift. It is tradition in China that gifts are not opened in the presence of those who gave them so she waited to open this after we left. It was a large red know that represents “Happy Family”. We were so surprised that they gave her a gift.

We had made and gave to the orphanage a book about Mia’s life in the US. Here they looked through the book. Many of the local people that we talked to expressed how much they appreciate us bringing Mia back to her hometown. Amongst the locals we were told that there is some rumor that these girls that are adopted are sent overseas and their organs are harvested. Such a sad understanding of the world of adoption

One of our favorite things about our time in Guiping was getting to meet the local people. These are many of the people who came outside of their homes while we were at the orphanage gate.

Making new friends in the orphanage neighborhood.

This grandmother asked me to hold her granddaughter, she was a doll! I loved this lady, despite our lack of a common language we had a very lively and interesting interaction with one another.

The first few people are brave enough to approach us in Guiping.

We are standing at Mia’s finding spot location. On a very busy street, right across from a hospital. We choose to believe that her parents wanted her found quickly and safely.

Kayla was a rock star in Guiping. Locals often pulled her aside and asked to take a picture with them.

It was National CHildren’s Day in China and this is the main public square in the town. We were a big attraction for the children. This is the group that followed us through the square. You can make out some of our family in the middle of the photo.

We are currently sitting in the Seattle airport, 2:30pm Seattle time. Our next flight is at 3:15pm to Chicago and then finally home. Time changes put us back in KC around 11:30pm. It was nice to hear the customs agents say, “Welcome back to the US”. Customs agents in China and HK are not quite as friendly.

I’m going to attempt to add photos from some of the days that Tim missed.

Interior of a house in Guiping. VERY different than what we have in the US.

In the Guangxi province, gas prices are very high and a typical mode of transportation is a scooter, even for entire families. We saw families of 5 riding together.

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4 thoughts on “Back in the USA

  1. Mary Gentry

    Welcome home, Staley family!!!

  2. Jeni Oldenhuis

    It looks like you had a wonderful time. I just enjoyed catching up on your travels. Can’t wait to hear more. So glad that everyone is home safe. Catch up on your sleep.
    Mrs. Oldenhuis

  3. Donna Turner-Witbeck

    So glad you are home safe and sound! We can’t WAIT to see all of your pictures (I’m assuming you might have a few more…..). Thank you for so generously sharing your adventure with us!!! See you soon!

  4. Megan Jasperson

    I can see a few of these pictures on the Staley Christmas card. 🙂
    What an amazing trip that you will remember always!! Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Jasperson

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