This is the view that the Saunders have out their living room window every morning (but we hear that there’s been less pollution in the air since we arrived…we assume that’s not a coincidence).

Here’s a look at their family room. This is the nicest place we’ve stayed in China. 5 stars!!

Well, I think we may have peaked today in a number of ways.  The most obvious is that we actually visited “The Peak” among other Hong Kong highlights.  I think we’re also peaking on the amount of vacation we’re able to handle.  It may or may not have been voiced directly, but I think there are times each of us have thought how nice it would be to be back in our own home.

Our Friday started in the usual way — everyone spilling out of bed at various times and grabbing a quick bite and reading the morning paper to find out what’s new in Hong Kong.  The girls are usually the first up and find a way to play so that others may rest (maybe we should credit Molly with helping with that — she’s usually the first up to make sure Lydia is off to school on time).  Kathleen and I are next and finally Megan or Kayla emerge a bit before it’s time to leave.

Today we left around 9:30 or so to head to “The Peak”.  To get almost anywhere far, we have to either catch a shuttle from their apartment to the bus stop, or hoof it to the bus stop (about a 10 minute uphill hike).  These days, it’s pretty warm even in the morning.  Today we hoofed it.

As we neared the bus stop, our bus was arriving and if we missed it we’d have to wait another 15 minutes in the heat, so I ran, like an all-star.  Kayla said I had good form.  The ride into the city takes around 40 minutes, but there’s a great view most of the way.  One thing I love seeing is this speedboat that looks like a spaceship.  It’s always near the same spot.

Below is a photo taken in Hong Kong Park. It is a very beautiful park in the midst of all the sky scrapers. As we walked through you would never know the amount of traffic that was just on the other side of all the buildings, it was very peaceful. We walked through there on the way to see The Peak.


What a fun fountain!

Another view of Hong Kong Park

The Peak is what they call the top of the mountain in Hong Kong where the wealthy used to go in the summer to get away from the heat. We took an incredibly steep tram ride up the mountain that took about 10 minutes. Years ago before this tram was even a thought people were carried up the mountain in a sedan chair. I can’t imagine how exhausting that would have been for those people doing the carrying and how many hours it must have taken. We were fortunate enough to be there on a clear day and had an amazing view.

Buildings, buildings, buildings, as seen from the peak.

The girls have been real troopers but they were getting a little weary of touring. Anna’s ongoing joke is, “Are we going to another park with trees and statues?”. Following our trip to the Peak we headed home to meet Lydia after school. Typically within minutes of Lydia coming in the door from school, Anna, Mia and Lydia are all in their swimsuits and asking to head to the pool. I had asked Anna yesterday what her favorite part of Hong Kong had been and she said, “Staying at the Saunder’s apartment.” I told her that I (Kathleen) would agree. Staying here feels like an excellent resort, rooms for each of us, swimming pool and playgrounds outside the door, fabulous guide services (i.e., Molly and Dave) and best of all wonderful friends to share it with. After an afternoon swim we then headed to Kowloon, which is another part of HK near the harbor where we had dinner. We got to try another mode of transportation to get there, a ferry. On our trip our kids have been able to try airplanes, taxis, double-decker buses, pedi-cabs, mini-buses, vans and a ferry. I think my mini-van in Lenexa may seem boring to them once we are home.

Every evening at 8pm they do a laser light show in the harbor. The shear number of lights is quite impressive.

The ferry we took to dinner.

A welcome Italian dinner, that was excellent!!

The Staleys take in the Hong Kong night life.


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