Day 12- A surprise for the girls

Kayla, Anna and Mia did not know when we came to Hong Kong that there was a Disneyland here. We surprised them today by getting up and getting ready to to to a “park”. We had to take a bus and 2 subway lines to get there but when you switch to the second line it is a Disney line and the train has Mickey windows, plush seats and statues of all the characters throughout. Just before we boarded the subway we told the girls where we were going. We didn’t get the reaction we thought, but I think they were in a bit of shock until we actually got on the Mickey train. We had a great day together, despite the heat and humidity. In typical Disney fashion all the employees were extremely polite and helpful. Most spoke some amount of English and you could find out the information you needed. There was one employee though that I asked the location of the nearest bathroom and she said, “No, no food in the theatre”. I looked on for someone else to help me.

The park is not as large as the one on CA which in the end turned out to be a good thing, it was just manageable for one day and I was actually glad that it closed by 8:30pm which made us go home instead of pushing ourselves to exhaustion. As we were leaving, I asked Anna how she like today and she said, “That was WAY better than a park with statues and trees” which is what many parks have been in China and what she envisioned at the start of the day. It was fun to be able to take them to this today, they have all been excellent travelers and it was fun to give them an experience that didn’t push them to see, hear or taste something new…just have fun and enjoy.

Off to bed, another busy day tomorrow. Hello to all and thanks for following along with us, it is fun to read your notes from home as well.

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One thought on “Day 12- A surprise for the girls

  1. Carol Gould

    jDisneyland sounded great – I’m sure the girls loved as well as Tim. Claire comes this Saturday and on to camp on Monday. Hopefully, she will get to see you all before you go on your next trip!

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