Day 11

HHHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Kayla will be telling you what went on today on this most beautiful and humid day in Hong Kong. First of all I want to let you know that I feel very powerful right now because you are going to keep reading this no matter what I put because you want to know what the Staley’s are doing in China.           

Well last night everyone stayed up fairly late (at least late for people who are doing a lot of activities when we’re really supposed to be sleeping). And I woke up about 7:50 am China time so it would about 8:50 pm back in Kansas. When I got up everyone was already up and I was thinking these are crazy people! I only got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep any longer and I was hungry.

Lydia who is the Saunders daughter and the Saunders are the people that we are staying with. So anyway Lydia had to go to school and was gone before I was even up. Mr. Saunders also had to go to work and was also gone before I got up. Anna and Mia went to the park at like 8:30 am with my dad and Mrs. Saunders, while my mom, Megan, and I stayed up in the apartment (which by the way is really big like abnormally big for Hong Kong). They came back to the apartment at about 9:15 and we all left to go to a music concert at Lydia’s school. To get there we took a double decker bus, which was really fun. When we got to the school we got to take a tour of Lydia’s school. It has 7 floors but isn’t really wide. It has 2 playgrounds one on the 2nd floor and one on the roof. There is also a pool on the roof of a different building that the students use during the day.

When we went into the music room all the seats were taken so we had to sit on the floor in the front of the room. When the teacher saw us she said something like “Oh looks like we have some new faces here.” Then we told her we were from Kansas and she started talking about farms. In the show Lydia had a duet, but the other girl had a cold and didn’t sing very loud so it was really like a solo. She was really good. It was really cool to see the school. Oh I forgot at the school there was a sign that said, “Say no to shark fin soup”.

After we left the school we walked to a beach where we swam and just hung out for at least 3 hours. When we came back to the apartment we all just hung out until Lydia got home from school. Then we went swimming for another 2 hours. It was a really big a cool pool. As I’m typing this I’m smelling the dinner that Mrs. Saunders is making and it smells delicious. I’ll let you know how it is.  Oh that was good! We had spaghetti and salad and cauliflower. Probably one of the better meals we’ve had. Anyway the rest of the night we just hung out.

Well thanks for reading what I had to say. I hope you enjoyed it. And aunt Serena I do have some moves to show you.

(A few things from Tim)

Kathleen and I came to the realization that this location is more like a resort than we expected.  First of all, the whole island is very lush (something about lots of rain…) and it’s very well maintained.  And there’s palm trees and beaches with cool water and beautiful pools.  Dang…why did it take so long to get here?

Kayla just hit the highlights of dinner tonight.  The spaghetti dinner was probably my kid’s favorite meal so far on this trip.  I mean, what beats noodles and butter and parmesan?  Oh, yeah, and fresh bread!  Well, we also had a great salad and some roasted cauliflower.  And Kathleen had an extra special treat that we’ve never enjoyed in China — a REAL Diet Coke with real ice in a glass.  We bought the Diet Coke at the grocery store in Stanley (very nearby).  It is from the U.K. and had cool Olympics labeling.  And the ice was made from the bottled water in the Saunders house, so it’s all safe.  Wow…what a treat!

Finally, the other thing that was crazy to observed today is the behavior of the Saunders’ cats.  They don’t like to be petted, at least normally.  Jack, the boy, is close to normal.  But when you pet him he stoops really low and seems to be trying to avoid being petted, but he also kind of likes it.  He also sleeps in odd, uncomfortable looking positions.  Daisy does NOT like to be petted in pretty much any normal way.  But, she DOES like it when you pat her pretty firmly on her back.  Dave gets pretty aggressive (maybe it’s called heavy petting) and if it were youtubed, PETA would be all over it.  All the while, Daisy is kinda going crazy and comes back for more when he stops.  I’ve never seen that before.  That’s all.  Just wanted to capture those thoughts before I lost them!

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