Update on our travels!

Hi everyone, Kathleen here.


We are still having problems with the internet so we’ll add posts about the last two days once we get to Hong Kong. Having to type this on Tims phone so won’t be too long. Orphanage visit today, could only speak to directors at the gate, couldn’t go inside. Nobody still works there that would have known Mia so that was a little disappointing but we talked with them for about 40 min and gave them our donation gifts. One of the best parts was meeting MANY people in the neighborhood, they were so excited to meet westerners and genuinely greatful that we had brought Mia back to visit. Cannot tell you how many times we were stopped to take photos with locals, especially Kayla. Although I also had several people hand me their babies to hold and take pictures. Toured much of the city and were even invited into several people’s homes, an amazing opportunity I would never have thought we would have. Don’t really know how Mia is feeling about everything, she has not said much when I ask her. I suspect it will take her a while to process everything. We actually stopped touring a bit early because she was asking to go back to the hotel, maybe a bit overwhelming. Guiping is very poor and most of the living conditions we saw today are hard to describe. Certainly makes you feel all the more blessed for what we do have and wonder why we have so much and others so little. Headed to Nanning in the morning, the capital city in this province then on to Hong Kong on Monday.

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