T-minus 7 hours…

I am sooooo sleepy!

In about 7 hours a large van will show up on our driveway and all of the planning and preparing and packing will be replaced with all that we’ve been waiting for.  We still CAN’T WAIT.  Sleep will be a bit tricky tonight.

Above is a photo of Mia at the computer.  She wanted to add a few quick thoughts…

“I’m excited.  It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna to be tired in the morning!”

I think she speaks for all of us.

如坐针毡  (Rúzuòzhēnzhān)

“pins and needles”  (at least according to Mr. Google!)

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3 thoughts on “T-minus 7 hours…

  1. Mark Mills

    As excited as all of you are, hope it’s even better than that! (And I have a pretty strong inkling it will be!)

  2. Natalie Spradlin

    I know you’re there now and I vaguely remember how exhausted I was! Hope your trip went smoothly and that you will catch enough rest to enjoy Beijing! Can’t wait to read your next post!

  3. Serena

    John told us he got a text from you all that you arrived. Yay! When you all get some rest and a shower, let us know how the trip went and what you saw your first. day. Love to you all.

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