A little help from my friends…

A special thank you to the many folks who are helping make this opportunity possible.  Pictured above is Doris Fung.  She’s my next-door-neighbor at Hallmark and Doris’ sister is translating into Chinese some of the information we’ll be leaving behind at Mia’s orphanage.  We’ve prepared a letter that will be placed in Mia’s file at the orphanage as well as a couple of booklets giving the nannies at the orphanage an update on what the “Guiping Girls” have been up to for the past seven years.  The “Guiping Girls” are Mia and the other seven girls who were all adopted on the same day from the orphanage in Guiping.  We’ve had reunions near the anniversary of our “Gotcha Day” each year and it has proven to be a highlight of our summers.

Others have volunteered to help in a variety of ways — Hallmarkers have offered to pick up my slack while away from the office, a neighbor who is going to mow our lawn, an assistant coach who is taking over my 3rd grade girls softball team, and my mom who is babysitting our cat, are among them.  There are still others whose offers have been both big and small and this trip wouldn’t be possible without these kind gestures.

Thanks to everyone!  Even though you won’t be with us, you’ll be in our hearts and thoughts!

谢谢  (Xièxiè)

“thank you!”

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One thought on “A little help from my friends…

  1. Erica

    I am SOOOO excited for you guys! I must say that I can’t read any of these posts and look at these pictures without tearing up! Seeing the picture of Anna and Mia on the way back from the airport made me go into a full on cry. I just can’t even imagine our family without Mia. It would not be complete. We are so blessed to have her (and all the Staleys) in our life! Have a blast, everybody!
    -Aunt Edie

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