Guest post No. 1…by Anna

Anna and Mia riding in the van together for the very first time (going home from the airport)!

I thought it would be fun along the way to give everyone a chance to add their thoughts.  Tonight, it’s Anna!

Uuuhhhm…I’m excited to walk on the Great Wall of China and see my friend Lydia and do things with her and her family.  I think it will be cool to see all of the places in a new country.  I also want to see where Mia is from.  One thing I might want to do there is send postcards to some people.  One person I might send one to is my teacher because she does things for me and I want to do something for her.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they do things there like what they eat and what kind of restaurants they have…like their culture.

I think that’s it.  Can I go now?

Xīngfèn   (兴奋)

“excited…as in, I can’t wait!”

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4 thoughts on “Guest post No. 1…by Anna

  1. John Gould

    Hi Anna – what a nice first Guest Post! I’m sure you’re excited to leave for your trip to China, and I’m excited for you! Have fun and be sure and get a picture of you on the Great Wall and post it here so we all can see it!

  2. Jeni Oldenhuis

    Anna, What a wonderful post and an exciting trip for all of you. You deserve it as you have been a fantastic student for me all year. I can’t wait to get that postcard. Have a great trip. I will keep following your blog.
    Mrs. Oldenhuis

  3. Tina Bogaars

    Hi Anna – I loved your post. Do you have a camera? It would be fun to see China through your eyes. Make sure you take some photos of your dad napping at his computer. He used to do that a lot when I worked with him at Hallmark. :-p

    • Oh, Anna! Nice job on your post! I’m so excited for you all! Be sure and take a sketch book and drawing pencils with you, my little artist friend! Enjoy your trip and don’t be afraid to try new foods, you just might find a new favorite. (avoid, however, the ketchup-flavored potato chips… just trust me on that one).

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