It all started more than 7 years ago…

This trip actually started more than 7 years ago!  Here are some pix from our first go round.  Before traveling to China our home was overtaken with Mia-Mania.  As you can see, she dominated the fridge and our lives as we prepared our home and our hearts for her arrival.  Once in China, Kathleen and I toured Beijing before heading to Nanning, where we met Mia for the first time.  Then it was off to Guangzhou where we dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s and were given the green light to come home.

On our current trip we’ll follow a similar path, starting in Beijing, and then heading to Nanning.  Fortunately, this time we’ll get to see Mia’s hometown of Guiping before ending in Hong Kong.  Our friends, the Saunders, will be meeting us in Beijing and then we’ll meet up with them again in their home in Hong Kong.  In the middle, it will just be the Staleys exploring the wonders of the Guangxi province.  China has 33 provinces and Guangxi is one of the larger, less dense ones.  It is located in southernmost China and it borders Vietnam.

Gui (桂)

“The abbreviation for the Guangxi province, which comes from the city of Guilin, the former capital and center of much of Guangxi’s culture, politics, and history, and currently a major city in the autonomous region.”

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One thought on “It all started more than 7 years ago…

  1. John Gould

    Thx for the trip down Mia Memory Lane – those pics are fun to see..And, a fine job of giving us a little lesson in Chinese geography/language! Wow – has it really been 7 yrs?

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