China…Here We Come!

Welcome to our China trip blog!  This is the very first post for our family’s trip to China.  Come along on our adventure.  If Tim figures out what he’s doing, you should get updates and photos as we make our way from Beijing to Guiping to Nanning to Hong Kong to Beijing and back home again.

Kàn dào nín de dàolái

“See you soon!”

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8 thoughts on “China…Here We Come!

  1. Serena

    This is gonna be fun!!

  2. John G

    Hey, this is cool – your first blog! Looking forward to your updates here on your journey thru China!

  3. Erica

    Good luck and God speed to the Staley family! I will never forget the day we met Tim, Kath, and baby Mia at the airport. What a blessing she is to our family!

  4. Sister Doris

    I’m looking forward to “travelling with you.” Bless you, and all you meet along the way!

    • Aunt Erica

      Sister Doris! Is that you? From Miege? If so, I have very fond memories of you! If not, I am sure you are still a very nice lady. -Erica Staley Sims (Tim’s sister!)

      • Serena

        Haha, I love how this trip has brought us all together. Sister Doris, please say hello to Sr. Martina if you see her as well. God bless you.

  5. Serena

    Hey Anna:I wonder the same things as you so be sure and tell me what you find out. And I am pretty sure your teacher will be thrilled to get a postcard from you. Lucky teacher!

  6. Susan and Gary

    Hey, this is gonna be great! We will (almost) be in China with you!! We know you will all have great fun!

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